Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tiles Done

We ventured in to the Tile Gallery on Friday 4th June to make our selections. Now this was one of the problem areas as Jas and I just did not see eye to eye.

In the end we compromised and used bits and pieces of each others ideas coming up with something a bit like this, only the floor tiles are a little lighter.

These are our selections but I have struggled to get a good picture of them.

The white gloss tiles 100x300 will be in the shower walls and behind the bath. While the brown matt tiles 300x600 will be on the floors and up the bath.

Wow I have been slack, haven't I, but finally I have some exciting news to post.

Our block of land finally titled on Tuesday 8th June and we have been informed that settlement will be Tuesday 22nd June (my birthday woohoo).

I can't wait to get things started.