Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tiles Done

We ventured in to the Tile Gallery on Friday 4th June to make our selections. Now this was one of the problem areas as Jas and I just did not see eye to eye.

In the end we compromised and used bits and pieces of each others ideas coming up with something a bit like this, only the floor tiles are a little lighter.

These are our selections but I have struggled to get a good picture of them.

The white gloss tiles 100x300 will be in the shower walls and behind the bath. While the brown matt tiles 300x600 will be on the floors and up the bath.

Wow I have been slack, haven't I, but finally I have some exciting news to post.

Our block of land finally titled on Tuesday 8th June and we have been informed that settlement will be Tuesday 22nd June (my birthday woohoo).

I can't wait to get things started.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Beautiful Block of Dirt & Street,

Our beautiful block of dirt and street, we are slowly but surely getting closer to our build now. Hopefully only a month to go.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I was very excited the other day to find the below image of the estate on the developers website.

I was also very excited when the Estate manager told me that on Sundays we can walk in to the Estate and have a closer look at our block so we will be heading out next Sunday. I can't wait to stand on my soon to be land.
We are still expecting titles late May.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quick Update

Well .. today was supposed to be settlement day so i'm a little sad. We recieved a letter from the developers to inform us our new settlement date is 27th May 2010, so fingers crossed it wont be delayed again.

We went for a drive out to the estate on Saturday and found there were light posts in our street (well the dirt road I am calling our street), I was so excited.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm absolutely gutted, I just got a call from our CSO to tell me she heard from the developers and our land settlement has been delayed until May. I had an idea that it might be the case but just hearing it officially made my heart sink. The only positive I guess is that it gives us a bit more time to save. Not looking forward to telling my other half tonight.

The Wait

We have now signed the Land Contract, the Building Contract and I am picking up the Mortgage Documents today to sign. So the only thing holding us up now is the settlement of the land. We were supposed to settle on the 1st March 2010 but it looks like it is going to be a bit later in March at this stage. We are starting to get excited now and are visiting the developing estate at least once a week. I was so excited to see that our road is starting to form (where the truck is in the top left corner).